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System solution “Sedum carpet”

ZinCo extensive green roof

“Sedum carpet” is the most typical solution for extensive green roofs. It is a low and light green roof type with an attractive natural look and low maintenance needs.

Floradrain® FD 25-E is a suitable drainage and water retention element for this system. It has the needed compressive strength, low profile height, light weight, and it can withstand walking on. Suitable sedum species together with a substrate and structure adapted to the system guarantee a durable green roof.

Primary blooming period is early summer with yellow, red, and white blossoms. The “Sedum carpet” will display varying shades of green throughout the year. Red tones are visible in the autumn, and they provide interesting variation in the appearance of the green roof. The “Sedum carpet” is installed by either seedlings or as a ready-made sedum mat.

Technical information: 







   Filter sheet SF
   Floradrain® FD 25-E
   Protection mat SSM 45
   (Root barrier WSF 40 or WSB 100-PO)




Build-up height: ca. 90 mm
Weight, saturated: ca. 95 kg/m²
Water retention capacity: ca. 25 l/m²