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Our selection includes Nordic Green Roof™ green roofs, water plant mats, perennial mats







Ecosurface is a rubber grist made of recycled rubber, which can be used as a safety base material at e.g. playgrounds or as an erosion surface material. The product can also be used as mulch. Take a look at the product!



Milford is a Danish enterprise specialising in professional green products and solutions for urban landscapes. Our selection includes Milford’s MilPlant park products and Milford’s MilKant edge strip elements.






Pilebyg is a Danish enterprise making willow noise barriers. The willow tree has always been a part of our landscape. This historical tradition is a “natural noise barrier”, developed with modern functionality and aesthetic design in mind. Take a look at the product!





Biocovers is a DeSaedeleir brand. They manufacture 100% decomposing and composting biological ground cover fabrics, which can be consumed by plants at the end of their service life. Take a look at our biomat!




ZinCo is a German enterprise specialising in roof garden systems. Take a look at our ZinCo product selection!






Plantex is a DuPont ground cover fabric and weed prevention mat brand. The products are decomposing. Take a look at our selection!






Soiltec is our German partner specialising in green sector products and problem solving. The Soiltec product family includes FilterPave, Greenfix and Geosystems.






Greenfix is a German manufacturer of erosion protection blankets. Erosion blankets protect and prevent the occurrence of erosion. The products are easy to install and cost-effective to use. They also include ready-to-use seed erosion blankets, which can be used for rapid growth. The products are decomposing. Take a look at Greenfix products!






Geoweb is a protective cell structure system developed with U.S. Army engineers and intended for all soil problem areas. They system has been installed successfully all over the world. It is used to protect ramps, at dig and cave-in areas, for canal protection, in shore areas, in dam and river basins, by ponds and lakes, and in areas where a high load-bearing capacity is required. Read more about the product!





Biologisk Kakao-flis or biological cocoa mulch is a natural product. It is made with cocoa bean rinds. It works as a fertiliser and mulch to prevent weeds. Read more about the product!






Flora is a German enterprise manufacturing vine ladders, planter pots, tools, and other things. Take a look at Flora interior decoration products! tai Take a look at Flora gardening tools!






Anrin is a German manufacturer of surface water drain troughs. Take a look at Anrin products!





Silky is a Japanese brand manufacturing high-quality saws. The products are durable, ergonomic, and efficient.

We are a Silky saws retailer in Finland. Our webshop carries everything from garden saws to telescopic saws, their replacement blades, and blade sheaths. Take a look at our product selection!


ARS is a Japanese tool manufacturer. ARS products include high-quality pruning shears, power cutters, saws, etc. Spare parts are also available. Take a look at our product selection!