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Broad and versatile solutions for green construction

Our company can offer solutions for even demanding green area construction projects, including difficult slopes, ground supports, waterlogged soils, runoff water delay, re-greening, erosion protection, and extensive and diverse green roofs.

Our products include the domestically produced and certifiably fireproof Nordic Green Roof™ stonecrop mat green roof designed for the Nordic climate and the extensive ZinCo roof garden system. Read more on the dedicated product pages!

We deliver products to both businesses and private customers.

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Nordic Green Roof
ZinCo roof garden
Milford edge strip elements and park products
Erosion blankets
Weed prevention mats and ground cover fabrics
Planters and interior products
Cell protection systems
Ecosurface safety platform
Filterpave glass paving
Anrin channel drainage systems
Gabion baskets
Prennial and hay mats
Twig mats and water plant mats
Cocoa mulch
Willow noise barrier
Park products


At Lohja housing fair you can find the following of our products: Nordic Green Roof® sedum green roof, Covamat Fresh meadow green roof and cocoa mulch.

Project news

Tuusula housing fair 2020, stonecrop green roofs at sites 22 and 23, courtyard buildings and bin shelters as well as the exhibition building of the company Aviaturva.


Nordic Green Roof™ sedum green roof installed in 2019, pictures from summer 2020.