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Weed prevention mats and ground cover fabrics

Covering planting areas with weed prevention mats and ground cover fabrics has become more common in green construction. They result in nearly service-free and weedless green areas. Mats are available for various purposes. They are long-lasting and breathing, allowing water to permeate well. They cause plants to grow better and to have fewer diseases. They also reduce the need for irrigation. Optimal choice for saving in maintenance costs!

Benefits of covered planting areas:
• better growth
• stronger plants
• fewer diseases
• saving water
• minimal maintenance
• significantly reduced maintenance costs

Duration: Our selection includes both UV-resistant and non-UV-resistant weed prevention mats. This means that sunlight dissolves the materials at different rates. UV-resistant mats are often coloured brown or black. A UV-protected mat will usually last for 2 to 6 years. Non-UV-protected mats must be covered immediately after installation. When covered, they will last for years, even up to 15 years.

Material: Most weed prevention mats on the market are either woven or non-woven. The benefit of non-woven mats is that their fibres do not come off of the edges when cutting, making them landscape better. Non-woven fabrics should be thermically processed to give additional protection against weeds growing through. Our selection includes various weed prevention mats, e.g. thermically hot pressed, and patented weed prevention mat made of food-safe plastic Plantex 68g/90g/125g per m² and Weedkiller 120 g per m². We also have the coconut erosion blanket Greenfix 11 with an underlying starch foil to keep weeds away for the first few years of growth. Our selection also includes the Eg Weed UB biomat 157 g/m², which is made of lactic acid polymers and is a 100% organic ground cover fabric!

Our products

PLANTEX is a 68g/m² porous fibre fabric with excellent water, air, and nutrition permeability. When covered with a thin layer (3 to 5 cm) of covering material, such as woodchip or decorative stone, it reduces maintenance costs and eliminates the need for removing weeds. It is a solution for all areas where weeds are a problem. A perfect base fabric when using cocoa bark.

Plantex Pro 90 weed prevention mat is a non-woven, thermic fabric with no UV protection. The structure of the fibre fabric evens and improves the passing of water, air, and nutrients through the fabric.

Weedkiller ground cover fabric 120 g/m² is made of polypropylene, UV-protection 3 to 5 years. Its fibre thickness has been selected to let through a minimum amount of light. The fabric’s coarse underside has been manufactured by melting the fibres together, meaning that the vegetation underneath cannot penetrate through the fabric.

PLANTEX GOLD 125g/m² is the strongest product in the PLANTEX family. It is a weed prevention mat for professionals! This fabric is also recommended to be used under crushed rock or decorative stone.

Weed prevention mat for the prevention of aggressive plants and invasive species. 

Permeable by water and air.

Lasts for up to 35 years when covered! Lifespan approx. 8 years without covering.

Roll size 2.5 x 50 m.

DuPont Plantex® Root Protector is a water permeable root barrier. 

The DuPont™ Root Barrier Pro mat provides good protection against even the strongest weeds for all infra structures, e.g. pipes, pavements, covered areas, road, water, and sewer canals, cables. When the root ball of a tree is protected by a root barrier mat, the roots cannot do damage to new pavements or asphalt surfaces.

EG WEED BIO UB is 100% decomposing and composting biological ground cover fabric that the plants can use as nutrition at the end of its lifespan! EG WEED BIO UB is made of biofibres and natural fibres (=biomass).

The natural BioExtreme 250 g/m² mat for the prevention of strong weeds and difficult invasive species, such as rugosa roses etc.

Tone brown, 100% biofibres (PLA), 100% degradable, used by plants as compost.

Keeps weeds away for 7 years. Roll sizes 2 x 50 m and 2 x 100 m.

Greenfix 11 is a bush erosion mat made of coconut fibres. The cocomat protects and prevents erosion and also keeps weeds away for the first growth periods. The starch foil below forms greenhouse-like conditions and speeds up growth 2-3 times. 

Nordic Green Roof™ VH 1200 is a strong water retention mat (1200 g/m²). It is 12 mm thick. Its water retention capacity is 9 kg/m². The mat does not shrink. Roll size 1,1 x 20 m.