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Nordic Green Roof® domestic sedum green roof

Nordic Green Roof®, domestic fire-certified sedum green roof cultivation since 2012 and green roof construction since 2005.
In the autumn of 2005, we launched a sedum mat suitable for the Nordic climate together with our Swedish supplier. It can be used for example to create green roofs. The structure of the growth is thoroughly studied. Its growth method and selection of plant species have been used in Sweden for over 30 years. The growth layer is fireproofed according to NT-fire 006 (Nordic standard) and BROOF (t2). In 2012, we started the cultivation of domestic fire-certified stonecrop in Ekenäs, Raseborg. The species selection is diverse and capable of surviving all over Finland.

The sedum mat is cost-effective and easy to install for a number of applications, including green roofs. Sedum mats can be used in both public and private buildings and their structures, garages, hallways, and all roof structures where vibrant vegetation growth is wanted. It is also good for areas receiving direct sunlight, such as roofs, tops of stone fences, slopes, roundabouts etc.

The underlying cover for the sedum mat is a waterproof base mat or a drainage spiral netting mat. Built-in clay minerals, long-lasting fertilisers, and diverse minerals will keep nutrients for a long time. A sedum roof conserves energy and saves in upkeep costs. It improves the climate, protects roof structures, filters impurities and dust, acts as a rainwater collector, and improves the aesthetics of living environments.

More green areas should be built in environmental construction. Our current construction culture causes desolation of large green areas. Roof plantations can replenish losses and create new living environments for birds, insects, and plants. Rainwater is stored in vegetation mats, which reduces the stress on sewer networks and decreases the need to build new rainwater collection systems. The plant mat used for green roofs is a living material that changes with the seasons.


The Nordic Green Roof® green roof system consists of sedum mats installed on a Nordic Green Roof® VH1200 moisture-keeping base. A Nordic Green Roof® Drän 9 spiral net is installed under the VH1200, which retains its shape for decades. The plants on the green roof do well, endure even tough growth conditions, and can tolerate occasional drought.

Our basic selection includes a sedum mat with 8 to 15 different sedum species or their sister and sub-species. The diverse sedum mat changes according to location, where some species grow stronger and some disappear. The climate and the plant life surrounding the building need to be taken into account when installing a sedummat as a green roof. Moss will spread in the sedum mat when it is in the shade.

The Nordic Green Roof® system is suitable for roofs with a slant of 2 to 35 degrees. In other cases get in touch, and we will find a solution suitable for you together.

The sedum species used in green roofs include Sedum acre, Sedum album, Sedum reflexum, Sedum sexangulare, Sedum kamtschaticum and their sister and sub-species.

Benefits of a green roof:

- High water retention capacity, 50 to 80% of rainfall is stored in the stonecrop growth and evaporates, which reduces daily water loading and water consumption
- Binds dust and impurities
- Noise insulation e.g. 40dB with a growth of 12cm
- Suitable for use on small and large roof surfaces
- Improves the climate due to the layer of plantlife
- Does not heat the roof surface and cause reflecting radiation
- Slow evaporation keeps interiors cool in the summer
- Increases the lifespan on roof covers
- Reduces temperature changes from up to 80 to 25 degrees
- Guarantees a UV-protection for roof surfaces
- Keeps heat, reduces interior cooling in the winter
- Creates living conditions for animals and plants
- Improves ecological balance
- Reduces heating costs

Installation/technical instructions:

Care instructions: A sedum green roof is a green area and requires care.

The care instructions for sedum mats are available for download on the product-specific pages.

Nordic Green Roof® is a registered trademark usable only by Urbangreen. The letters NGR and UGR do not necessarily mean a Nordic Green Roof® sedum green roof. The only authorised retailer in Finland is EG-Trading Oy.