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ANRIN channel drainage systems

The ANRIN channel drainage system can manage large volumes of rainwater. The channels can be used to both collect and store runoff water. There are several different drainage channel models available for yards, public spaces, and for storage areas where the channels need to be able to take enormous loads.

The channels can be used to protect houses, roads, public buildings, and yards against damages and flooding caused by large volumes of flowing water.

Our products

ANRIN KE-series channel drainage system KE-series is intended for load classes A 15 - E 600. The KE-series is designed especially for public spaces and both light and heavy traffic. It can be used e.g. at markets, pedestrian zones, parking lots, roadsides, industrial areas, ports, etc.

ANRIN Drain KF-100 is a sturdy channel drainage system with cast iron edge rails that can meet even the more stringent requirements.

ANRIN SF-100, SF-150, SF-200, and SF-300 is a strong channel drainage system for load classes D 400 - F 900. SF channels are suitable for industrial areas, depots, airfields, ports, longitudinal water removal from roads, etc.

ANRIN SELF-series includes various structural elements: drainage channels, boot scrapers, and yard sumps intended especially for houses, yards, and gardens.

An entirely plastic channel drainage system for the surface drainage of residential zones. Plastic or metal grid.

ANRIN Z-series offers channel drainage for decorative design. The drainage system can be installed e.g. in between pavement without drawing attention to it. Can be used e.g. at markets, pedestrian zones, yards, parking lots, bicycle lanes, green zones, etc. 

ANRIN Sport is a drainage and border system designed especially for sports areas. The system consists of different structural elements that can be used to tailor a solution for each project separately!