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Ecoraster ground grid

Cell protection systems

Traditional ground grids are used to reinforce existing subsoils. Ground grids can be used e.g. to make a green safety path for fire trucks. Ground grids are mostly used in parking lots or as road foundations. Ground grids also work as runoff water elements, as they are permeated by water. Our selection includes Ecoraster ground grids.


ECORASTER ground grids are available in heights of 30, 40 and 50 mm. The cells can be turned green and filled with crushed rock or some other material.

ECORASTER products are made with LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene). It is environmentally friendly, flexible, durable, and resistant to frost and UV radiation. It comes in different colours (black, green, and brown). 

ECORASTER’s patented security locking system is tested and certified (DIN 1072). The product will remain in place regardless of the filling material. This enables a wide range of uses for various applications.

ECORASTER can be used in agriculture, especially for horses. The grids can be used on feeding spots for horses, at the entrance of stables, pastures and as a base in riding arenas. Prevents hoof damages.


- Parking lots 
- Fire corridors 
- Construction site roads 
- Roadside reinforcement 
- Entryways, loading sites                                                
- Camping areas 
- Garden and golf course paths 
- Ground reinforcement around trees 
- Yards, market places, and circus grounds 
- Green roof substrate 
- As protection for flat roofs, corridors, pastures, and irrigation areas 
- Base for riding fields and paths


- Secure locking/stays in place (greened or without)
- Withstands heavy loads (up to 20 tons axle weight)
- Stormwater element, permeable to water and nutrients
- Drainage with stone, crushed stone or sand
- Withstands large temperature fluctuations (-50 C and +90 C)
- UV and climate resistant
- Easy and fast to install (up to 100m²/person/h) 
- Easy and quick rework (eg. with a spring saw or bolt scissors)

Technical information: 



E40: Axle weight up to 10 tons
E50: Axle weight up to 20 tons 
S50: Axle weight up to10 tons


- Integrated expansion areas
- Elastic
- High cell wall