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Steep pitched green roofs 25-35°

ZinCo pitched green roofs

System solution “Steep pitched green roofs” is based on the ZinCo Georaster® product, which fits green roofs with a gradient of 25 to 35°. For roofs with a gradient of more than 35° project-specific solutions can be conceived according to plans by ZinCo engineers.

The Georaster® elements are made of recycled polyethylene (HP-PE), they interlock without any tools and form a solid structure. The structure can be walked on and filled with substrate. The Georaster® elements give plenty of room for roots to grow and develop. Georaster® elements can also be installed underneath reinforced lawns and walkway structures and onto slopes for erosion protection etc.

The plant selection must fit the extreme conditions of a steep pitched roof, where solar radiation reaches its apex on the south side and where water flows much faster than on a flat roof. An irrigation system should be designed, even if irrigation is only needed during dry periods.

Technical information: 

   Plants, densly planted (min. 28 seedlings/m²)

   Substrate (filled ca. 10 mm above Georaster® elements)


   Georaster® elements

   Protection mat WSM 150

   Rootresistant waterproofing is necessary.




Build-up height: min. 120 mm
Weight, saturated: min. 155 kg/m²
Water retention capacity: min. 64 l/m²