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Milkant edge strips

The Contrast series is the most sturdy edging in the MilKant family. Strength is of course one of the main properties of the sturdy steel units, making them suitable for edgings with elevation differences. Strength is also required in areas with heavy traffic and heavy stress. The series is ideal for elevated plantings and paths that have elevation differences, and it will retain its original shape for years.

But the Contrast series is more than just raw power. Where elevation differences are present, the steel edge remains visible and shows its visual appearance. This is why we let designers choose between three popular materials: galvanised steel, Corten steel, and untreated steel.

The units are made as 3 and 6 mm thick standard pieces that provide various application options.

Contrast Original is put together with strong assembly pieces and installed with sturdy steel ground stakes. This practice makes concrete casts redundant, making installations faster and cheaper.

Contrast Planta is a custom made edging that is taller than the Contrast Original. It suits elevated planter beds especially well. Thickness 3 mm, total height 300, 500, or 750 mm (NOTE! Visible height lower). Untreated or Corten steel.

The Contrast series also includes the Contrast Freestyle, which is a custom made steel edge that comes in various finishes: galvanised steel, Corten steel, untreated steel. Contrast Freestyle can be made with a thickness of 3 to 8 mm and a height of up to 750 mm. Contrast Freestyle also makes it possible to form curved shapes with a steel edge.

Technical information: 
Art. no. Height Thickness Length Material Fasteners
MK-CB15/3 150 mm 3 mm 3000 mm untreated 5 pcs/length
MK-CB15/6 150 mm 6 mm 3000 mm untreated 5 pcs/length
MK-CG15/3 150 mm 3 mm 3000 mm galvanized 5 pcs/length
MK-CG15/6 150 mm 6 mm 3000 mm galvanized 5 pcs/length
MK-CC15/3 150 mm 3 mm 3000 mm corten-steel 5 pcs/length
MK-CC15/6 150 mm 6 mm 3000 mm corten-steel 5 pcs/length